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This is me showcasing my work

This is me at a social event showcasing my books. I have received 115 reviews of which 107 were five star reviews on the audible website. There were 7 four star reviews and one 2 star review. Here are some of the reviews I received. I have recordings from three of my audiobooks which can be purchased directly from my blog as well as my print copies.

January 18th 2024

Hello all! I hope everything is good with everyone. I'm just checking in to see how everybody is doing. We are almost finished with getting my interview online. I will keep everyone posted as it comes to fruition. January 24th there is a NAMI advocacy meeting being held here in Westchester County. They are the largest advocacy agency in America with over 168,000 members and hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. I will be an advocate with my books. And with my experience I will be giving hope to those with mental health issues My work will also help family members and loved ones. Same with practioners. They can get into our minds and the way we thiink, feel and process and be able to treat us with invaluable information. I'm very excited about what's happening. Spread the word. Let people know who I am. Let them know that there is a man with the knowledge, wisdom and understanding to help all who are affected by mental illness. Peace and blessings to you all. God bless!

"See me as equal" narrated by Adetunji Fasoranti

This poem describes my experiences and my reactions to my experiences. Just wanting to be whole and seen as someone who is worth being seen and understood. Just like everyone else. Just looking for my chance!

"Sentence" narrated by Adetunji Fasoranti

Sometimes I feel so hopeless. It feels like a prison sentence would. I'm desperately trying to get out of this world but at times it seems futile. Like why do I fight. It's a constant theme and battle for me.

"I overcome" narrated by Adetunji Fasoranti

This is me seeing some relief and realizing that I am a fighter. Everything doesn't have be so hard to cope with. Once in a while I get some semblance of sanity,

"I can't do this anymore" Narrated by Adetunji Fasoranti

Dear God make it all stop. This paranoia, these delusions, these obsessions. I can't take it no more. I'm at my wits end. Just take it!

"Truly free" narrated by Adetunji fasoranti

This is my epiphany. I'm finally figuring out a way to be free of my trials and tribulations. This poem talks about true freedom. Freedom from my past, my thought processes, my emotions, the pain I have experienced. Just going down a different path.

"Institutionized" narrated by Adetunji Fasoranti

This is a poem that describes what it is like to be in the system for 40 years and the affect it had on my life.

"Live for me" Narrated by Adetunji Fasoranti

This is the lighter side of me. Not so sad and not so intense.

This is my interview with Ashley brody

This interview is a piece of my experience in the mental health system. It covers some of my childhood and it covers some of my experiences as a young adult. I hope everyone can enjoy and take something from this interview. I hope I can inspire someone to speak their truth and if I can save that one person who may be on a destructive path then my job will be done. I'm on a mission to reach and teach. Thanks to everyone who followed me along my journey. Peace and Love to you all.

Timothy Paul Brown aka Poetic Madman

Jamie's review

From Facebook to Fame: Discovering 'No Way Out' on🔵

Stumbling upon a Facebook ad for Timothy Paul Brown's latest audiobook, "No Way Out," felt like uncovering a hidden gem in the vast literary landscape. This audiobook is a profound journey into the mind of someone grappling with the complexities of paranoid schizophrenia. The ad, vibrant and compelling, led me to Timothy's website, (, a treasure trove where all his remarkable works are meticulously showcased.

Visiting ( is an experience in itself. The site is not just a portal to Timothy's audiobooks on Audible but a gateway to understanding the depth and breadth of his creative genius. Each piece, from "Poetic Madman" to "Genius or Lunatic," resonates with raw emotion and unfiltered honesty, making Timothy's work not only inspirational but transformative.

"No Way Out" stands out as a ray of hope and enlightenment, offering listeners a unique perspective on mental illness, wrapped in the beauty of poetry. The collaboration between Timothy and Adetunji is a testament to the power of art in conveying complex human experiences. Their return from a hiatus has been a gift to the world, leaving us yearning for more.

The Facebook ad that led me here was not just marketing; it was a signpost to a world where challenges are met with courage and creativity. Timothy Paul Brown's work deserves to go viral, not just for its literary merit but for its ability to touch souls and change minds. If you're seeking inspiration, look no further than ( It's more than just a visit; it's a journey into the heart of human resilience. 💫🌈

Kim Vicki's Review

💰Unparalleled Value

At just $3.95, "No Way Out" is not merely an audiobook; it's an immersive journey into the depths of the human psyche, guided by the unparalleled Timothy Paul Brown and brought to life by Adetunji Fasoranti. This latest masterpiece joins the ranks of Brown's influential works like "Poetic Madman" and "Genius or Lunatic," each a testament to his raw, unfiltered exploration of mental health through poetry. The price pales in comparison to the profound insights and emotional resonance this audiobook offers, making it an absolute steal for anyone seeking inspiration and understanding.

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Avid listener's review

A Viral Sensation in the Making💥

When I first saw the ad on Facebook about Timothy Paul Brown, I was intrigued. Little did I know that clicking through would introduce me to a world of poetic brilliance on ( Brown's "No Way Out," narrated by the extremely talented Adetunji Fasoranti, is a masterpiece that transcends the ordinary, much like the works of Maya Angelou. Brown's poetry, rooted in his personal struggles with paranoid schizophrenia, offers a raw, unfiltered glimpse into the soul's darkest recesses and its capacity for healing. His website is a beautifully curated space, highlighting his journey and the depth of his work, inviting listeners to explore further. The ad that led me here was not just marketing; it was a doorway to understanding and empathy, showcasing Brown's potential to become a viral sensation. His storytelling, reminiscent of Angelou's power to move and inspire, promises to leave a lasting impact on the literary world. With each poem, Brown and Fasoranti are not just sharing stories; they're inviting us into a movement of awareness and compassion.

anonymous listener's review

A New Voice Rises Above: Timothy Paul Brown vs. Clayton Jennings⚔️

In the realm of spoken word, Clayton Jennings has long been a beacon for those seeking solace in the rhythmic cadence of faith and personal struggle. Yet, there emerges a voice, Timothy Paul Brown, whose depth and authenticity carve a new path in the hearts of listeners. "No Way Out," narrated by the talented Adetunji Fasoranti, is not just an audiobook; it's a soulful journey into the life of a man wrestling with the chains of paranoid schizophrenia.

While Jennings captivates with his faith-driven narratives, Brown delves deeper into the uncharted territories of the mind, offering not just a glimpse but a deep dive into the tumultuous waves of mental illness. His poetry does not seek sympathy but commands respect and admiration for its sheer honesty and the courage to expose the most vulnerable corners of his soul.

What sets Brown apart is his unique blend of personal struggle with universal truths, his poems serving as a beacon for those navigating the stormy seas of mental health challenges. His work is not just heard; it's felt—a visceral experience that leaves an indelible mark on the listener's heart.

For fans of Clayton Jennings looking for a new voice that echoes the depth of human emotion and the resilience of the spirit, Timothy Paul Brown's "No Way Out" is a compelling journey. It's a celebration of the human condition, a narrative that intertwines despair with hope, and confinement with the boundless freedom of self-expression. Dive into Brown's world, and you'll find not just poetry, but a lifeline woven with words of profound truth and beauty.

Betty Boop's review

A Symphony of Resilience and Artistry

"No Way Out" is not just an audiobook; it's a profound journey through the ebbs and flows of the human spirit, masterfully narrated by Adetunji Fasoranti. Timothy Paul Brown, with the eloquence of a modern-day Clayton Jennings, weaves a tapestry of emotions so vivid, it's as if you're living through every high and low alongside him. The raw intensity and passion Brown pours into each verse are palpable, making this collection a ray of light for anyone navigating the tumultuous seas of mental health.

The brilliance of Brown's work, including gems like "Poetic Madman" and "Genius or Lunatic," shines even brighter in this latest offering. Each poem is a testament to Brown's unparalleled ability to articulate the complexities of the human condition. And at the bargain price of $3.95, it's an invitation to immerse oneself in a world where adversity breeds artistry.

Adetunji Fasoranti's narration brings a layer of depth and empathy to Brown's words, making "No Way Out" a must-listen. This audiobook is not just recommended; it's a necessary addition to every school's curriculum, encouraging understanding and compassion. I've already spread the word among friends, and I eagerly await more inspiring works from this dynamic duo.

anonymous listener

Unstoppable Duo: The World Awaits More from Brown & Fasoranti

The return of Timothy Paul Brown and Adetunji Fasoranti with "Obsession Depression and Madness" is not just a comeback; it's a clarion call for more. Their absence was deeply felt, and their reunion is a reminder of the profound impact they have on the world of audiobooks and mental health awareness.

Brown's raw, unfiltered exploration of life with schizophrenia, paired with Fasoranti's emotive and powerful narration, creates an experience that transcends the ordinary. Their work is a beacon of hope and understanding, shedding light on the complexities of mental health with compassion and depth. Each word, each pause, each inflection in Fasoranti's voice brings Brown's poetry to life, making it resonate with listeners on a deeply personal level.

The world needs more of this dynamic duo. Their synergy is not just about creating audiobooks; it's about starting conversations, breaking stigmas, and fostering understanding. They are a force to be reckoned with, and their potential to go viral is undeniable. Their work is not just heard; it's felt, and it leaves a lasting impression.

Brown and Fasoranti, the world is watching and waiting. Your voices, your collaboration, your passion - they are needed now more than ever. Don't stop. Keep creating, keep inspiring, and keep changing the world, one audiobook at a time. The world wants more of you, and rightly so. Your next viral sensation is just around the corner. 🌍🎧✨